Member Benefits

Designated as the “Best of the Best”

Only the “top tier” providers will qualify for Membership.  Your designation as “Best of the Best” will validate your professional ethics..

Recognized as a “Certified Compliant” Provider.

Listed on the website as a “Certified Compliant” provider and use of the MIAQ seal “Certified Compliant” on your website, brochures, business cards, vehicles, etc .

Gain Additional Business

Gain additional business that would otherwise be going to non-compliant firms.

More Professional Industry

Help take the industry to a new, more professional level.

Educated and Confident Consumers.

Educated and confident consumers choose “Certified Compliant” firms which results in more closings.

Create Synergy and Referrals

Create synergy and referrals among industry segments.

Conflict Resolution

A confident consumer is more likely to move forward with trust that they are getting the right information.

Advertising & Promotions by the Board

The Board will strive to constantly promote the Members through advertising, contacting industry groups, social media, networking, etc.  The goal is to raise the ethical standards of the industry by identifying and exposing the Certified Compliant Members by all means possible. By alerting the consumers to the differences in available providers, the Member firms will benefit.

Members Forum

A full member forum for all certified members.