Code of Professional Ethics

Article 1, Overview

The Duties to Clients includes but is not limited to Mold and IAQ Remediators, Mold and IAQ Inspectors, Analytical Laboratories, HVAC Contractors and HVAC Duct Cleaning firms. These firms are obligated to adhere to the Code of Ethics in all transactions and to treat all parties fairly. The Member firms have accepted adherence to the highest integrity and no inducement of profit or client instructions will be viewed as appropriate.

Article 2, Pricing

All Member firms will reframe from any type of predatory pricing and will issue quotations for services based on the best and least expensive solution to a particular problem.  Firms will defer to a third party protocol where applicable and will price their services based on the protocol without change unless the changes are discussed with the third party and mutually agreed to. Industry Standard pricing should apply, but may vary in different areas of the country.

Also, see Article 7, Advertising

Article 3, Conflict of Interest

All Members firms will conduct business at “arm’s length” wherever applicable.  Members that perform installation, repair, remediation, cleaning, removal and replacement, and all other related services will seek to involve independent third parties for testing, protocols, interpretations, and confirmations of intended actions wherever feasible. No Member firm shall independently scope, perform and clear a project unless the size and hazard are so small that third party involvement would not be practical.

Article 4, Industry Standard Practices

All Members shall not deliberately mislead a client as to the “standard” that is generally accepted by the particular segment of the Mold and Indoor Air Quality service providers.  Although there are very few government regulations, there are many “standards of practice” that have been researched and accepted as proper and professional.  All Members agree to adhere to their particular industry standards.

Article 5, Training, Certifications and Licenses

All Members agree to meet all required training, certification and licensing requirement in their particular segment and to ensure that all employees of the firm meet minimum training, certification and licensing requirements.  Members agree to obtain training and certification only from firms with a reputation for being thorough, competent and committed to excellence and that strictly adhere to industry standards. Members agree to stay current with all training, certification and licensing requirements. Members agree to provide copies of certifications and licenses as requested by the Board.

Article 6, Insurance

All Members agree to maintain Liability Insurance at a level consistent with industry standards. Members agree to maintain Errors and Omissions insurance where applicable.  Members agree to maintain Contractors Pollution Control Insurance where applicable.  Members shall provide Certificates of Insurance to the Board as requested.

Article 7, Advertising

Members shall not use misleading or “scare tactics” advertising.  Members shall not induce clients by advertising “free” services or Highly discounted fees in order to gain access to the property and then “up sale” their services. Advertising shall not include false information of any kind. Members shall be encouraged to use the Code of Ethics “compliant” in all their advertising and marketing.  The seal of “compliance” can be used on websites, letterheads, vehicles, billboards, radio and TV, newspapers, brochures and fliers, etc.  The Board will monitor “non-compliant” firms to ensure that they do not use the seal or designation in their advertising.  Members are encouraged to report any use of the “compliant” designation by “non-compliant” firms to the Board.

Article 8, Complaint Protocol

Clients of the Member firms will be allowed to submit complaints regarding Member firms to the Board via the Boards website.  All complaints will be reviewed by the Board and an opinion as to the validity and extent of the complaint will be issued to the firm and the client.  Complaints will be deemed unjustified, minor, major and disqualifying.  Five minor, 3 major uncorrected complaints or a combination of these two or 1 disqualifying complaint within a 12-month period will result in the firm losing the “compliant” designation.  The Member firms may appeal the decisions of the Board and all appeals will need a unanimous vote of the Board to be over-turned. Firms who lose the “compliant” designation may reapply after a 3 month waiting period.  If reinstatement is approved, new joining fees shall apply.

Article 9, Annual Re-instatement

Members qualifications and adherence to the strict standards of the Board will be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar year.  If approved, Members will upon payment of the renewal fee will be granted the “compliant’” status for that calendar year.  Members may appeal if deemed “non-compliant” and the Boards appeal protocol shall apply.

Responsibilities of the Board

Article 1-A

All Members will be listed on the Boards Website with a link the Members’ Website.  Potential clients can search by state and by segment to find service providers in their areas.  The website will contain the Purpose and the Articles of the Code of Ethics.  The Board will promote the site and the Members as to increase exposure to the Member firms and to highlight their Ethics and further separate them from the “non-compliant” firms. A client complaint portal will be included in the website.

All Board Members will address their responsibilities in a fair and unbiased manner.  The Board shall not place revenues above properly and objectively assessing the qualifications of potential Members or above the actions of Members that could lead to disqualification.