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Remediation Contractors
Our Member Remediator Contractors have been screened and approved by our Board. The Member contractors are professional, honest and highly qualified. These remediators have a proven track record and you can feel assured that you are getting accurate information that is based on the very highest standards set forth by the Board. Our Member Remediators will put your concerns and safety above any profit motives and will work strictly in your best interest.
Mold & IAQ Inspectors
Our Member Inspectors, Assessors and Testers meet the highest requirements of ethical and scientific standards. Only those proven to understand and practice scientific and industry standards meet the strict requirements of our Board. There is a difference in providing you with the accurate and properly conducted testing and assessments and having a “semi –qualified “ assessment. Our Members will get you the thorough and accurate information that you need.
HVAC Contractors
Our HVAC Contractor Members have been approved by the Board based on a screening process designed to ensure that you will be receiving professional and qualified information and service at the highest level. Our Members have a proven track record and have demonstrated a thorough understanding regarding HVAC systems and Mold and Indoor Air Quality. HVAC systems can have a direct impact regarding Mold and Indoor Air Quality and only HVAC Contractors that appreciate that connection are approved by our Board.
Duct Cleaning Firms
Our Duct Cleaning Members have pledged and demonstrated that they adhere to the highest standards in their industry. They are up-front and and accurate with their advertising. Our Members can be trusted to provide you with state-of-the-art technology and no hidden agendas. Our Members understand the issues surrounding Mold and Indoor Air Quality and will advise you honestly if there appears to be an issue.


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