The Board of Professional Ethics for Mold and Indoor Air Quality is an independent organization whose purpose is to identify, monitor and support the Members who have pledged to uphold the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in areas involving mold and indoor air quality.

MIAQ Members are aware of the responsibility they have to the public and the impact their actions may have on the health and wellbeing of their clients. The Members commit to support and respect all industry standards and scientific guidelines applicable to their work.

It is the aim of the MIAQ to advance the practices of those involved in the mold and indoor air quality arena and to add a layer of protection to the public at large as very few government regulations are in place.

Members pledge not to misuse, interpret or otherwise use any data or information that may lead to an advantage over their competition or bring harm or undue concern to their clients. Members will act faithfully and in a professional manner in all aspects of their various activities.

Due to the strict requirements to be certified as “compliant”, the firms that qualify will be deemed the “Best of the Best”, taking the industry to a higher standard.

Members have accepted these standards as their own and have agreed to conduct their business in accordance with the principles set forth here.